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Frameless tempered curved glass for stair handrail

Tempered glass is made by heating ordinary glass to its softening point and then suddenly cooling down to form compression in the surface layer of the glass, thus the mechanical strength is increased by times.
It is the perfect option for architects who must meeting building codes and strengthened for safety requirements. It is available in all of our standard float glass thicknesses and sizes, because the tempered glass price is decided by the different thickness.


MOQ: 50pcs



Glass sheet

clear glass,ultra clear glass and tinted glass





Size tolerance


Glass color

clear,ultra clear,bronze,grey,green,blue


flat edge, round (pencil) edge

Further processed

holes drilling,corner,groove cutout,printed by ceramic paint

Painted color

frosted (acid etched), white, black, blue, variety of patterns and colors

Quantity of tempered

glass particles

45-80 Particles per 50×50 mm




1.3-5 times stronger than annealed glass of the same thicknes.

2.Suitable for use as a safety glass as defined by consumer product safety association.

3.Once breakage occurs, the glass disintegrates into small cubical fragments, which are relatively 

harmless to human body.

4.All work done on glass (beveling, cutting, drilling, printed etc.) must be done before tempering.

5.We can meet different kinds of custom design.




Widely used curved shower room, curved glass balustrade, curved glass partition wall, curved glass curtain wall,curved glass stair railing etc.

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