• Company News Apr. 06, 2021
    Laminated glass is a Grade A safety glass, manufactured by adhering two or more pieces of glass together with a flexible interlayer. The interlayer is generally either a PVB (poly vinyl butyral). The glass and interlayer are bonded together using heat and pressure in an…
  • Company News Apr. 06, 2021
    Thriking glass held an internal training meeting today to empower our team, increase efficient cooperation, and reduce the cost waste caused by incorrect feedback.
  • Company News Feb. 03, 2021
    Yantai Thriking Glass sets sail in 2021, with one heart and one mind. We quietly listen to the needs of our customers, and we have been pursuing our customers to achieve them.
  • Company News Dec. 09, 2020
    In the glass industry, the peak sales season is entered at the end of August each year, and prices rise. Even in the worst of 2018, the peak season price of glass also increased by 10%. In 2020, why did the glass price increase so much?
  • Company News Jul. 29, 2020
    As people's needs continue to expand, more and more types of decorative glass, today I will introduce you to the classification of decorative glass. Five were introduced in May, and this time we'll continue with the others.