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What features of guardrail glass? How to order guardrail glass from China?

by admin Jun. 19, 2020

一、Tempered glass, high strength, high impact resistance, good safety.

Even if broken, there are no knife-shaped strips of ordinary glass.When tempered glass was broken, the fragments are small and granular, with no sharp edges or corners, making them safety.

二、Tempered laminated glass is safer than tempered glass.

Tempered laminated glass has the advantages of tempered glass and laminated glass, so that the glass has high strength and good impact resistance, but also have good adhesion and is not easy to be penetrated by impact. Even if the glass is broken, it will not scatter on the ground.

三、Guardrail glass advantage

The guardrail glass produced by Thriking glass it’s beautiful and generous, precise drilling holes, strong artistic, decorative and practical, and is the first choice for public occasions and modern home decoration.

四、Specification of guardrail glass

Thriking glass can be customized according to different sizes and thicknesses of glass, to meet the different types of guardrail installation methods.

五、Ordering process:

1.You can send email to [email protected], or call +86 18553548919 for consult.

2.Confirm the processing customization plan after preliminary communication.

3.Process and produce according to the confirmed plan.

4.We will communicate with you about delivery after the order is completed.


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