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Tempered silk screen printing glass bathroom shelf


Silk screen printing is print patterns onto glass by special screen with inorganic color materials. Then fuse the color materials into glass surface through the toughening furnace. The printed pattern is durable and the color will not be fade.


MOQ: 200pcs



Glass sheet

clear glass,ultra clear glass and gorilla glass


3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc.


Custom Sizes

Printing color

silver, black, white,red,grey,bronze etc

Tempered technology

physical tempered and chemical temperedoughening


flat polished edge, beveled edge etc, flat hazy edge


flat corner,round corner,clipped corner

Printing processing effect

partially transparent, translucent, and opaque



1.Have no absorption, no infiltration features and easy to clean.

2.Printing color fastness, more safety than annealed glass.

3.We can design different color and pattern according to customers requirements.Its a good decoration material outside.

4.Environmental protection material: ink is selected for special colored glaze. The ink does not contain lead and chromium, which can avoid the harm to human body and environment.



Bathroom shelf, Bedroom, living room, etc.


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