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Multilayer laminated glass for stairs(Accept custom size and thickness)


 Tempered laminated glass is composed of two or more pieces of tempered glass with one or more layers of organic polymer intermediate film between them. It’s a kind of safety glass that can be soundproof and insulated.



MOQ: 50m2



Tempered laminated glass


Accept custom


1830x2440mm, 500x700mm, 600x900mm, customized

Glass color

Clear, blue, bronze, green, gray, etc.

Film color

Clear, blue, bronze, green, gray, etc.

Edge work

Flat edge, pencil edge, bevel edge, grinding, etc.

Silk print


Delivery time

14 days, will confirm according to your quantity






1.Even if the glass is broken, the fragments will be adhered to the film, and the surface of the broken glass will remain clean and smooth. This effectively prevents the occurrence of debris piercing and penetrating falling events, and ensures personal safety.

2.In Europe and America, laminated glass is used in most building glasses, not only to avoid injury accidents, but also because laminated glass has excellent anti-seismic invasive ability. Membrane can withstand the continuous attack of hammer, wood splitter and other lethal weapons, and can also withstand bullet penetration for a considerable period of time. Its security level is extremely high.

3.Glass breaks safely and may break up under the impact of heavy balls, but the whole glass still maintains an integral interlayer. Fragments and sharp small fragments still adhere to the intermediate membrane.

4.That is tempered glass for laminated, when glass is broken, that is safety fragments, also can’t hurt people, that is double protect.




For guard bar, window, stair, curtain wall, swimming pool, etc.


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