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Classification and characteristics of decorative glass(2)

by admin Jul. 29, 2020

Decorative glass is a glass product specially used for decoration, most of which have been deep processed, including embossing, frosting, painting, etc. 

As people’s needs continue to expand, more and more types of decorative glass, today I will introduce you to the classification of decorative glass. Five were introduced in May, and this time we’ll continue with the others.



Wired glass

It is made by rolling method. It is made by heating ordinary flat glass to the state of red heat softening, and then pressing the metal wire or metal mesh into the middle of the glass plate. It has excellent fire resistance and will only form when impacted. Radial cracks do not cause falls and hurt people. In addition, they have anti-theft performance. Glass breaks and barbed wire barriers, so they are mostly used in roof skylights, balcony windows and oscillating factories of high-rise buildings.

Laminated glass

generally composed of two pieces of ordinary flat glass and an organic glue layer between the glass. When damaged, the debris still adheres to the adhesive layer, avoiding the damage of the debris splash to the human body, and is mostly used for decoration projects with safety requirements. Commonly used inter layer films for laminated glass are: PVB, SGP, EVA, PU, etc. In addition, there are some special ones such as color inter layer laminated glass, SGX type printed inter layer laminated glass, XIR type LOW-E inter layer laminated glass, etc. Decorative and functional laminated glass such as laminated glass with embedded decorative parts (metal mesh, metal plate, etc.), laminated glass with embedded PET material.


Hot bending glass

curved glass made of flat glass heated and softened, formed in a mold, and then annealed. The frequency of occurrence in some high-end decoration is getting higher and higher, it needs to be booked, and there is no stock.

Fused glass

also known as crystal three-dimensional art glass or fusion glass. Hot-melt glass is a glass hot-processing technology, that is, flat glass is melted and recessed into a mold; there are many types of hot-melt glass, including hot-melt glass bricks, hot-melt glass for doors and windows, large-scale wall embedded glass, partition glass, The integrated bathroom glass washbasin, finished mirror frame, glass artwork, etc., the application range is very wide because of its unique glass material and artistic effect.

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