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What types of bathroom glass are there? How to choose your own bathroom glass?

by admin Jul. 29, 2020

Fixed bathroom glass

The fixed bathroom glass is supported against the wall on one side. If you don’t want the shower water to splash on the bathroom tiles, the bathroom glass can be used as a splash guard.

Sliding bathroom glass

The sliding bathroom glass door is not only a fixed glass plate, but also a door that can move left and right.After customer feedback, sliding glass doors are the best choice for small bathrooms. Because the rotating glass door opens outwards, it takes up more space, and the sliding bathroom door can be opened and closed by sliding without taking up too much space.

Which glass can be used as bathroom glass?

After choosing whether to install fixed glass or sliding doors, the type of glass must also be considered. Frameless glass doors come in many different types of materials. The following are some common glass types available:

Transparent bathroom glass door

This is the most basic type of glass and is often used not only for bathtub covers but also for shower covers. The glass is transparent and visually enhances the sense of space in the bathroom, making the bathroom look larger. The transparent frameless glass door is favored by those who like simple style. Transparent glass looks simple, but it can be used with any style of bathroom.

Low-iron bathroom glass door

Low-iron glass is as clear as crystal. It is more transparent than transparent glass, as if it is in a crystal bathroom. If you don’t want to affect the exquisite design of the bathroom because of the bathroom glass, low-iron glass is an excellent choice for you. This glass will not appear abrupt in a beautifully designed bathroom, and can enhance the sense of space in the bathroom.

Acid etched glass bathroom door

Acid etched glass is glass that uses modern technology to form fixed patterns, designs, and text on the glass. This glass has a certain degree of artistic decoration, you can choose your favorite patterns, designs, text, etc. It not only has the functionality of bathroom glass, but also has a certain decoration, which can add an artistic atmosphere to your bathroom.

Frosted glass bathroom door

Frosted glass is translucent glass formed by processing ordinary glass to make its surface uneven. Frosted glass has the characteristics of light transmission and non-perspective. From the outside to the inside, it has a vague sense of vision, which ensures the privacy of the bathroom, but does not affect the lighting. It can effectively protect your privacy.

Tempered glass bathtub door

Tempered glass is closely related to safety, and it is a perfect choice for those who pay attention to safety. Tempered glass is ordinary glass which is made very strong by special treatment, enough to resist high-strength impact. Even if the toughened glass is broken, it will become fragments without sharp edges and corners to reduce the risk of injury.

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