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Will glass prices fall substantially in half a year?

by admin Dec. 09, 2020

In the glass industry, the peak sales season is entered at the end of August each year, and prices rise. Even in the worst of 2018, the peak season price of glass also increased by 10%.

At the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the demand for glass decreased, and the price continued to fall.

Since March 2020, the COVID-19 has been gradually brought under control. Since April, the price of glass has been rising.

In the face of price increases, many customers choose to postpone their orders, but the glass price will not drop significantly in the short term.

I hope everyone can arrange the production plan in advance to get the most benefits with the least cost. (Order early)



In 2020, why did the glass price increase so much?


1. The real estate and automobile industry demand too much, and the output cannot meet the market demand.

The downstream glass industry is mainly the real estate and automobile industries, with real estate as the main factor, followed by the automobile industry.

This year, real estate projects have accelerated the construction cycle, and the demand for glass curtain walls has increased.

With the improvement of living conditions, houses have gone from small windows in the past to floor-to-ceiling windows now, from single-layer glass to double-layer glass and triple-layer glass, all of which have brought continuous growth in the demand for glass.



2. Rising raw material prices

Original glass is the basic material for glass deep processing. Since April this year, the price of original glass has increased by more than 20%, increasing the production cost of glass factories.


3. The introduction of environmental protection policies
Atmospheric pollution, coal-fired furnaces are shut down for renovation, and production is limited due to environmental protection.

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