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Can tempered glass be used for cabinet countertops?

by admin Jul. 24, 2019


Tempered glass can be used to make cabinet countertops. Toughened glass is one of the materials of cabinet countertops. The characteristics of tempered glass cabinet countertops are as follows:

1. The tempered glass cabinet counter is designed for the special working environment of the kitchen. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength, fast installation, easy handling and fashion tolerance. It adopts the unique design of cooker and table synthesis.

2. The high temperature resistance of glass cabinet countertops is beyond the reach of other similar products on the market. The maximum safe working temperature is 288 C, which can withstand the temperature difference of 204 C. Artificial stone countertops often burst due to local heating, and even the more expensive quartz and acrylic artificial stones on the market at present will burst or discolor due to high temperature. High breakage rate is often the most distressing problem for industry insiders and distributors. Stainless steel cabinet countertop is to glue stainless steel to the lower wooden board at room temperature. Over time, when the glue aging meets high temperature, it will emit toxic gases, harmful to the invisible, while stainless steel will fall off from the wooden board, and there will be harsh noise when used.

3. The glass cabinet counter belongs to the industrial process of production and installation, and the standardized installation of product accessories is simple and fast. It’s only a quarter of the time on a regular table. The installation of other countertops takes a long time to open and polish, and the installation site is in a mess.

4. Glass cabinet counter surface anti-seepage oil, seepage, oil stain resistance. Over time, it can also be polished and polished, which is brand new. Artificial stone countertops, on the other hand, become yellowish with aging of resin and are not easy to clean in case of oil contamination. Stainless steel countertops are badly scratched, rusty and dirty.

5. Glass countertop, its strength is more than three times that of other ordinary cabinet countertops. Artificial stone (including expensive acrylic stone, quartz stone and granite) will crack naturally when contacting with cabinet body under uneven stress, or when chopping spareribs in kitchen is attacked by gravity. In addition to its very high strength, a two-millimeter thick gel layer under the table can also play a very good protective role when the cabinet body is attacked by gravity.

6. Glass cabinet countertops are rich in color, breaking through the traditional and monotonous stereotypes, and meeting consumers with higher aesthetic standards. Artificial stone technology and material reasons can only produce three monotonous colors of black, white and grey with single color, while stainless steel color is more monotonous, cold feeling is too heavy, not suitable for family use.

7. The glass cabinet counter is clean and environmentally friendly, free of radiation and formaldehyde. The main ingredients of artificial stone countertops are made of adhesives mixed with calcium powder, and toxic gases will emit for life. Stainless steel countertops are made of glue and laminates are bonded to boards. Toxic gases emit for life.

8. Glass cabinet counter is made of special additives and special glass which is processed by fusing machine with gelexan at high temperature. Even if the glass is broken, it will not fall easily, so it will not cause personal injury.

9. The service life of glass cabinet countertop is dozens of times that of ordinary countertop, and the stability of glass can last for hundreds of years. Stainless steel countertops and artificial stone countertops make Sichuan’s glue and adhesives aging and losing strength in only a few years.

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