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How to process frosted glass

by admin Jul. 24, 2019

1. Manuscript: The pattern needed for computer design. Small format can be output by laser printer, large format can be engraved into black instant paste by computer engraving machine or output by laser typesetter.

2. Screen-making: 100-180 mesh polyester screen is recommended for screen-making. It is suggested that single-filament polyester screen cloth be preferred and water-sensitive photoresist be used for plate-making.

3. Printing glass etching ink: before printing, it is necessary to remove the stain and wet on the glass surface, mix the frosting paste fully, avoid using iron, and recommend using “bamboo and wood” products. When printing, it is necessary to scrape twice on the screen to increase ink. For example, manual printing can scrape the etching ink from one end to the other, then lift the scraper to the back of the ink, and scrape to the end of the printing. Its purpose is to increase printing. Material. That is to say, to achieve the desired ink content on the surface of glass. If printing in winter, the etching ink should be heated to 20-40% for better use. Floating glass must be used when using glass, flat glass is not desirable. Because the thickness of the glass is uneven, after hot pressing, the uneven cooling makes the material structure of the glass uneven, so even after printing, the etched plane effect is uneven.

4. Printing: Put the printed glass in the pool for three minutes, then rinse it or use the pipes to wash it with tap water. After the glass is dried, it shows a snowflake pattern. This kind of glass is very popular in the market and enjoys great popularity among consumers. The above process can be used to produce tea sets, handicraft products, social mirrors, glass containers, etc.


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