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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Frosted glass

by admin Jul. 24, 2019


(1) Sound-proof effect is good: when making sound-proof glass, ground glass can be used to manufacture, because ground glass has a good effect in sound-proof. If ground glass is used to make sound-proof glass, the sound-proof glass produced is very good. In the production of sound-proof glass, ground glass is often used to produce sound-proof glass, but with more glass. Glass is produced, so that frosted glass is replaced by other products.

(2) High degree of safety: Grinded glass belongs to a kind of safety glass, which is very safe to use and ensures personal safety very well. Glass belongs to fragile products. After being subjected to external forces, the glass is easily broken, which is unsafe to use. Moreover, if the glass is damaged, it also increases the cost of users. But if the glass is ground, it not only solves the safety problems well, but also has a relatively low price and a relatively long time to use.

(3) Protection of privacy: frosted glass from the surface, can not see the indoor situation, giving a very vague feeling, a good guarantee of privacy of the room. Although the surface looks very vague, but from the inside to the outside, you can see clearly, and will not have an impact on daylighting, indoor daylighting is also very good.




(1) Frosted glass can no longer be cut and reprocessed, but can only be processed to the desired shape at the time of processing, and then tempered.

(2) Although the strength of frosted glass is stronger than that of ordinary glass, it is possible for frosted glass to explode spontaneously when the temperature difference varies greatly, but there is no possibility for ordinary glass to explode spontaneously.

(3) The surface of frosted glass will be uneven and slightly thinner. Therefore, frosted glass can not be used as mirror.

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