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Can the tempered glass still punching holes?

by admin Feb. 24, 2020

In recent years tempered glass with its unique characteristics by the construction of people’s favorite, in order to adapt to different application scenarios, people often use glass with cutting, punching holes and a series of processing.


1. Super properties
Tempered glass is also called safety glass, which is a kind of glass with good heat resistance and physical properties after being strengthened.
The glass that this kind of craft produces is compressive, resist wind, still can withstand certain impact force.According to the scientific calculation, the tempered glass of the same thickness is 3-6 times the impact force of ordinary glass.

2. Characteristics of the material
First of all, tempered glass has a relatively high safety, because when the glass is damaged by external forces, the debris will not be as sharp as ordinary glass, but will be broken into honeycomb-like obtuse small particles, greatly reducing the harm to the human body.Secondly, tempered glass has good thermal stability, and its perception of temperature change is relatively stable. The temperature change of 300 degrees is not a problem.


3. Tempered glass can be punching holes?
Many people are complaining that tempered glass were bought they can not be reformed again, can be break by hammer,can’t cut by glass knife, so it’s mean can not punch the hole?
In fact, its advantage has adjusted the compressive stress of the glass surface to the best state during the strengthening process, which will eventually be reflected in the performance of the glass,therefore, the glass sheet passed the tempered, is not able to do any grinding, cutting or hole, if done, the glass will be due to the balance of uniform compressive stress destroyed and instantly become shattered.

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