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How to clean the antique mirror?

by admin Jun. 19, 2020

Antique mirror isn’t an antique mirror in the traditional sense, it is the latest popular decorative mirror in the world. 

It’s different from the aluminum mirror and silver mirror used in our daily life. It has undergone a special oxidation treatment to form patterns of various shape and colors on the mirror. It can create a nostalgic and retro feeling when we used.

Antique mirrors are deeply loved by people because of their unique nostalgic artistic atmosphere.Thriking glass can be designed and processed according to the use scene to make antique mirrors of different colors and patterns, and cut into mirrors of different sizes as needed. It has been exported to more than 70 countries and is widely used in shopping malls, hotels, bars, KTV, restaurants, home wall decoration, etc.

Good use methods and cleaning methods can protect the antique mirrors more better. Thriking glass introduces how to clean the antique mirrors:

1. Do not scrub the mirror with wet hands or towels to avoid oxidation of glass by water vapor.

2. Corrosive substances such as salt, grease and acid shouldn’t be direct contact with the mirror surface.

3. When wiping the mirror surface, you need to choose dry and soft cotton or cloth.

4. It has a good effect to scrub with oil absorption paper.

5. Avoid placing it in an excessively wet place. Keep dry.

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