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What is the coating on the back of the mirror?

by admin Jan. 07, 2020

Nowadays, the mirror has become an indispensable article in life, providing people with a lot of convenience. The mirror that people use is evolved from bronze mirror, along with the development of science and technology, not clear bronze mirror is eliminated by people gradually, nowadays mainstream mirror, it is to add special coating in glass one side, ability realizes the effect that shows a person clearly, so what is coating after all?


What is painted on the back of the mirror?


The coating behind the mirror is mostly aluminum or silver. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for the delicacy of goods are also higher and higher, so the application proportion of silver mirror is increasing. Large department stores, gyms, hotels and homes use mirrors with a silver back. Of course, the world’s first mirror was not made from either of these materials, but a combination of tin foil and mercury.


Those common mirror types in life


1.Bathroom mirror


The mirror that uses in the bathroom is prevent foggy mirror mostly, can divide the mirror that does not take border and the mirror that takes border. The material of picture frame also has a lot of choice, there are wood material, plastic material, glass material, metal material, etc., in recent years, metal material frame mirror has gradually become people’s favorite.


2. Led mirror


LED mirror, which is installed in the mirror with a light belt, has become a favorite of young women because of its lighting characteristics. With the development of science and technology, led mirror also has anti-fog, bluetooth, electronic display and other functions, to meet the application needs of different groups of people.


3. Antique mirror


Antique mirrors are made of transparent float glass and coloured float glass, making them the latest choice for young people due to their retro style. Often used for home decoration, wall decoration, furniture decoration.


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