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Team culture training

by admin Apr. 06, 2021

A philosopher once said: No matter what you do, your attitude determines the result of what you do.

So what is the most important thing in the world? It has to be learning. Therefore, Thriking glass held an internal training meeting today to empower our team, increase efficient cooperation, and reduce the cost waste caused by incorrect feedback.

In this training course, we learned about 4R and learned how to turn a goal into a strategy—strategy into a plan—plan into control—management and control into incentives. In short, we must understand clearly before doing things. Responsibilities and results of the things to be done, the third party will follow up and inspect the whole process, and after the inspection, it will be reported and motivated in a timely manner (regardless of awards or penalties). In this way, we can confirm that everything can be done well and give feedback to everyone.

During the training, everyone responded positively to the teacher’s various questions. After the training, everyone began to adjust their own shortcomings according to their own problems.First of all, we start from the meeting to adjust, now we mainly decide the strategy, determine the responsibility, and set a good time, the next meeting to check the results.

Secondly, arrange training content reasonably:

Constantly improve the knowledge reserve of the main positions in the team,Find the deficiencies in the main duties of the team, and focus on setting up a special learning part.

Offer more interesting and varied courses,Apply what you have learned to your work.

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