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Why more and more people choose anti-fog mirrors for bathroom?

by admin Jun. 29, 2021

Have you ever had this kind of trouble? Every time you look in the mirror after a shower, there is always water mist on the mirror, and you can’t see yourself at all. Even if you wipe it with a towel or hand, you still look blurry in the mirror. You try some tips of anti- fog, but not good. It is always annoying after every shower. If there is no fog on the mirror, it would be nice to be able to see yourself clearly!
In fact, it is very simple to solve this problem, just install an anti-fog mirror for your bathroom! The anti-fog mirror can clearly image in a bathroom around full of water vapor. In addition, there are many functions to make your life more convenient.


1. What is a bathroom anti-fog mirror?

The anti-fog mirror can effectively prevent water mist from condensing on the surface of the mirror, so that the mirror can still image clearly in the environment of water mist.

There are 2 kinds of anti-fog mirrors, coated anti-fog mirrors and electric heating anti-fog mirrors.

The coated anti-fog mirror is a form of preventing the fog layer through the micro-holes of the coating.

The electric heating anti-fog mirror increases the temperature of the mirror surface by electric heating, prevents the formation of a fog layer by evaporating the fog quickly, and ensures a clear image on the surface of the mirror. At present, the anti-fog mirrors that most of high-end hotels and villas use is this method to achieve the effect of anti-fog.

2. What are the advantages of using anti-fog mirrors in the bathroom?

1) Ensure clear imaging in water mist

In the bathroom just after taking a shower, the water mist is very heavy, and the water mist will not be condensed on the surface of the anti-fog mirror, so you can see your beauty clearly.

2)No need to wipe the mirror, convenient and fast

There is no mist on the mirror surface. You can see yourself clearly without wiping the mirror after bathing. It saves time and is very suitable for office workers who rush to work in the morning.

3) Say goodbye to anti-fog tips, save time and effort

I have used various tips of anti-fog, but the effect is not good. After having an anti-fog mirror, there is no need to try anti-fog tips anymore, saving time and energy.

3. How can I buy anti-fog mirrors?

You can contact Yantai Kangjing Glass Co., Ltd. to buy the bathroom led anti-fog mirror.
Yantai Kangjing Glass is a manufacturer of led mirrors. Professional service person can design led anti-fog mirrors according to your requirements. Anti-fog mirrors have more functions, such as time, temperature, music, tv, Bluetooth, etc. You only need to send your needs and leave the rest to us. Welcome everyone to come to inquiry.

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