• Company News Jan. 07, 2020
    Nowadays, the mirror has become an indispensable article in life, providing people with a lot of convenience. The mirror that people use is evolved from bronze mirror, along with the development of science and technology, not clear bronze mirror is eliminated by people …
  • Company News Dec. 02, 2019
    Every time there is a Christmas season, the major luxury and shopping center window are beginning to compete with each other, competing to use large glass floor-to-ceiling window to convey the brand culture , with unique creative to attract people's attention.  At this …
  • Company News Jul. 24, 2019
    Tempered glass can be used to make cabinet countertops. Toughened glass is one of the materials of cabinet countertops. The characteristics of tempered glass cabinet countertops are as follows:
  • Company News Jul. 24, 2019
    Bulletproof glass is a sandwich safety glass with specific resistance to bullets. It can be widely used in banks, postal, telecommunications, securities, insurance and other units of counter and museums, archives, high-end residential, prisons and other important places…
  • Company News Jul. 24, 2019
    Manuscript: The pattern needed for computer design. Small format can be output by laser printer, large format can be engraved into black instant paste by computer engraving machine or output by laser typesetter.